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As more women come forward to say #MeToo, it’s critical that we find ways to hold offenders accountable for their actions and stand with survivors of domestic violence. Schneiderman has said he’s taken responsibility for his past behavior — he can show he’s sincere by donating $6M to those who need it most.

We have to push for accountability – there’s more that offenders can and should do.

Former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman will not face charges after multiple women came forward to talk about the abuse they faced at his hands. Even though the law won’t hold him accountable, we are demanding that Schneiderman take responsibility for the harm he has caused women and donate his defunct campaign funds to organizations that serve survivors of domestic violence, abuse, and sexual assault.

Schneiderman is sitting on more than $6,000,000 that could be put to better use if donated to organizations working directly with women and girls around NYC.



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Sign the petition to demand Schneiderman donate his campaign funds for good!

This timing is critical for Domestic Violence organizations:

Though the 35-day long government shutdown has ended, the effects are still being felt across the country, especially by women.

  • The shutdown forced domestic violence shelters, which are already underfunded with a fully operational government, to cut back on services or lay off staff.
  • Federal workers, the majority of whom are women, went over a month without receiving a paycheck.
  • Organizations that serve women, particularly those fleeing violence, must depend on federal funding to ensure that they can continue to do the important work that they do.

Former NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has the funds to alleviate this need now. That’s why we’re calling on him to donate the millions of dollars in campaign contributions to the many service organizations working directly with survivors of gender-based violence and who have a track-record of preventing and addressing intimate partner violence.

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