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Take action to stop rape

The bottom line is the NYPD is failing too many sex assault victims. We have been fighting to change this, but the NYPD’s progress on how it handles sexual assault has been too slow.  Reported sexual assaults are up, so it is critical that the City is ready to respond. Mayor de Blasio must do more to ensure that rape is prioritized from the top levels of our government to every community across the five boroughs. Take action by calling the Mayor NOW!

Here’s what you can say:

I’m asking you, as Mayor, to make sure that our City is taking the lead on reducing and preventing sexual assault. This means:

  1. Hold the NYPD accountable to the DOI report recommendations to fully staff, train, and fund the NYPD’s Special Victims Division (SVD).
  2. Make sure that our schools teach kids about consent and healthy relationships.
  3. Launch a public service campaign to shift social attitudes.

We shouldn’t wait a moment longer. We must Take Rape Seriously in NYC.

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Major investigation finds fault with NYPD

In March of 2018, the NYC Department of Investigations released its findings from a one year inquiry into how the NYPD’s Special Victims Division was addressing sex crimes. What the report found was alarming. It painted a clear picture of an under-resourced, under-staffed, under-prioritized unit. As a result, victims of sexual assault and rape in our City were not consistently getting the robust investigations and respectful treatment they deserved. Furthermore, the report found that acquaintance rapes were systematically being treated as less important than stranger rapes.


What progress has been made?

Take a look at what has been done in a year–and what hasn’t been done.

The NYPD has made moves to increase the number of detectives in the adult squads of the Special Victims Division (SVD), but it has not met with the level of staffing recommended in the report. Furthermore, it has not made any commitment to ensure that greater numbers of investigators within the division have more years of experience. This is concerning, because the number of reports of sexual assault have been increasing. The NYPD has ended the practice of not referring all rapes – both acquaintance and stranger rapes – to the Special Victims Division. This is important. But it also will require more resources to handle the additional cases – not less.

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