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Yes, Trump has been impeached by the House, but the people’s power is still at the polls. We can’t afford to sit on the sidelines and wait for change. Voter suppression, so-called “fake news,” and foreign interference all remain real threats to our democracy. Let’s stand together and act now.

Together, we will Grab Trump by the Ballot. Sign-up with us to reject Trump and get the tools to vote him out in 2020.

It’s not going to be easy, but NOW-NYC has your back.  We are ready to work together, get our facts straight, and provide support to make it through this election and take back our country.  That’s why we’re asking YOU to take this pledge seriously and take it now! Let’s make a promise to ourselves and each other that we are going to do everything in our power to elect a new president in 2020. We’re going to start small – with something each one of us can do.


Make sure 10 friends or family members are registered to vote!

You can do this. We’re calling on every NOW-NYC member and supporter to make a commitment today. Make sure at least 10 of your friends or family members are registered to vote (and ask them to get 10 friends to do the same). Do you have friends in the swing states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa or Florida?  Even better! Call them now.


Volunteers Needed

Pledge to Vote Trump Out

Make sure you can vote!

To register to vote in New York, click here. To make sure you are registered and on the rolls look here. Not in New York? Visit for everything you need to know about voting in every state. If you are a student and need to figure out how to vote, visit the Campus Vote Project.


What’s next? I signed up to Grab Trump by the Ballot! 

Every month, you’ll receive an email update with reminders, info, and actions you can take as we head toward the election. We’ll get started with issue toolkits and debate watch events. As we get closer to the election, we’ll have lots of opportunities to get your friends together for voter registration drives, phone-banking, and canvassing in key swing districts.  Together we are going to win!


Get NOW’s top reasons to vote Trump out.

You already have your own reasons, but check out our go-to guide to remind yourself and your friends of the facts. See why we’re taking action now for 2020.

Next Action

Tell Mayor de Blasio to hold the NYPD accountable

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