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Love trumps hate. Join us as we challenge a national agenda built on fear and misinformation that is targeting women’s hard-won rights and the foundation of our democracy.

We must use our power to Grab Trump by the Ballot.

The people’s power is at the polls, and we must act to protect it and use it to vote Trump out in 2020. Donald Trump is the antithesis of feminism. His “strong man” identity, reckless words, racist policies, and dysfunctional White House are just a few of the reasons we are tracking his misdeeds and the rollbacks to our rights that go with them. We will remain laser-focused on educating, activating, and registering voters for 2020 and challenging his most harmful policies now.

With all the lies, chaos, and confusion of a dysfunctional presidency, we all need help cutting through the noise and having actual facts at our fingertips.  Share our talking points or use them to create your own. We need to overcome voter suppression, Russian meddling, and the rising myths of fake news and “alternative” facts to win the 2020 election with margins large enough to obliterate doubt and take back our country.


Get the Facts:

Trump: What You Need to Know Now

The monthly updates that remind you why we’re mobilizing in 2020.

Trump’s Sexual Misconduct

Trump has a history of protecting abusers and being one himself. To get the full picture of our Sexual Predator-in-Chief,  we’ve put together a list of all the women who have allegations against Trump (it’s long).

NOW-NYC’s top reasons to Vote. Trump. Out.

1. Trump is eliminating healthcare for millions of women and aims to make abortion illegal.

2. Trump is fueling hatred and a rise in white nationalism.

3. Trump rejects science and is reversing our ability to stop climate change.

4. Trump is undermining our democracy and a free press.

5. Trump is stripping away LGBTQ rights.

6. Trump is reshaping our courts for generations to come: making them more white, male, and conservative.

7. Trump has dealt devastating blows to the reputation and integrity of the U.S., creating global chaos.

8. Trump is enforcing reckless immigration policies, endangering families and children.

9. Trump puts loyalty to his base above the public interest.

10. Trump is a serial sexual predator who upholds dated gender roles and a sexist view of manhood.

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