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Barriers to voting and threats to our democracy are on the rise. Women’s Justice NOW has launched a public media campaign to boost voter registration, civic engagement, and women’s participation in shaping the future. Join our efforts to get voters to the polls in 2024.

Why We Need a State Equal Rights Amendment 

Only discrimination based on race and religion are covered in New York’s constitution. That has to change. Women’s Justice NOW is fighting to make sure discrimination based on sex and gender are covered under our state’s equal protection clause. As required for a ballot initiative, the New York legislature has passed the ERA in both houses in two consecutive sessions, and now it will appear on the Ballot in 2024 – for you to vote on and finally put women in the New York State constitution.

Get Ready to Cast Your Vote for Equality

The New York Equal Protection of Law Amendment, if approved by voters, provides the bedrock principle and protections in New York State’s most basic legal document, providing a permanent and powerful tool to achieve equality. The passage of this legislation isn’t just a win for women and reproductive rights. It’s a victory for LGBTQ, immigrant, and disability rights and will enshrine the equal rights amendment in our state constitution.

The NY Equal Protection Amendment

Will help survivors of gender-based violence get justice. It will ensure women who are discriminated against at work can seek remedy.  It will protect and extend legal protections to LGBTQ+ New Yorkers.

Your vote matters      

Learn the issues and learn how to take action together to fight for social justice and women’s rights. Then head to the polls. Together, united, women can create the future we want to live in.



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