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Get help for workplace discrimination, family law, violence or sexual assault, healthcare, and more.

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We help sexual assault survivors, those facing sexual harassment and discrimination at work, women going through divorce, and patients – who have a right to enter their doctor’s office without fear.

Women’s Justice NOW is the proud charitable partner organization to NOW-NYC.

This is what we do:

We protect women’s rights. We help women take control of their lives by providing critical resources that give them the support, protections, and guidance they need. We serve thousands of women annually seeking legal referrals for divorce, child custody, sexual assault, domestic violence, harassment, and much more.

We build movements. We train a forceful, diverse, volunteer-led community of feminist activists. We give individuals the tools, knowledge, and skills needed to enact real change for women and girls. We provide leadership on defending women’s health clinics and have trained hundreds of volunteers to support women’s access to reproductive healthcare.

We seek justice. We provide one-on-one expert support for survivors of sexual assault, helping them navigate a criminal justice system that too often fails them. We hold the criminal justice system accountable to rape victims, and we center our work on the leadership of survivors – encouraging them to engage in advocacy on their own terms.


Get the help you need.

We are here to answer your call.  Get connected to the right resources if you’re facing divorce or custody issues, domestic violence or sexual assault, sexual harassment, employment discrimination, or if you’re in need of reproductive healthcare or low-cost legal help.

Learn about our victories.

We have delivered concrete results for survivors, persuading police or prosecutors to re-open investigations that were not properly pursued. We’re pushing the NYPD locally and DA’s offices across the country to improve their practices, and we’ve led efforts to overhaul city policies addressing sexual assault and rape.

We are changing the conversation—holding the media, our elected leaders, and the public accountable for how we address and talk about sexual assault and rape.  

“You have truly been a light in a dark place.”

– A survivor helped by WJN

We have connected tens of thousands of women with legal resources and help that is free or low cost, and we have delivered one-on-one advocacy to women navigating divorce, custody, employment discrimination, and the aftermath of sexual assault.

We are providing leadership and expertise on defending women’s health clinics and have trained a force of 1,000 pro-choice advocates to support women accessing their reproductive healthcare. We’ve collected important on-the-ground data to push for fair and effective enforcement of our clinic access laws and stop fake clinics from misleading women about their health and rights.