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More than 1 in 3 women in the U.S. today have experienced rape, physical violence, or stalking by an intimate partner. But the #MeToo movement has been a breakthrough, transforming how employers, individuals, and society think about sexual harassment and abuse. #MeToo has shown us that believing survivors is a powerful force for change.

As a result, we have gained a clearer understanding of our nation’s toxic rape culture in which sexual assault is pervasive and normalized. Rather than blaming victims, communities are beginning to hold perpetrators accountable and take preventive action. We’re creating a world where domestic abuse and sexual violence won’t be tolerated.

Survivors must be heard.

Until we are truly free from gender-based violence, all survivors must know they deserve to be treated with respect and taken seriously.  And for those who choose to report the violence they faced – whether that’s to an employer, a campus, or law enforcement – they have a right to fair treatment and a robust and timely investigation. They have a right to be heard and to receive the support they need to heal and move forward with their lives.

Know Your Rights & Get The Facts

Here’s some key information that you may need to know to protect yourself and get the treatment you deserve.

Reporting Sexual Assault
If you report a sexual assault to the police or prosecutors, they have a responsibility to take you seriously.
Stopping Drug Rape
Drug facilitated sexual assault (DFSA or “drug-rape”) is sexual contact against a person who is incapacitated by any drug (including alcohol) and therefore cannot consent. Drug rape is always the perpetrator’s fault, never the victim’s fault.
Cyber Sex Abuse/Revenge Porn
You have the right to expect private images to remain private. Nonconsensual pornography is never acceptable, and it is not your fault.
Rape and Sexual Assault in the U.S.
Sexual assault is an epidemic. We all must challenge the status quo and demand more to prevent violence and respond to survivors.

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