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New York State Legislation

Repealing the Statute of Limitations on Sex Trafficking
The continual flow of state and federal cases have clearly exposed the callous, brutal nature of the third-party profiteers/promoters who use threats, blackmail, trickery and violence to recruit, coerce and force the most vulnerable individuals into prostitution/the sex trade. This bill is critical to New York’s ability to protect survivors of human trafficking and hold those who exploit them for profit accountable.The trauma, fear and stigma associated with being bought and sold in prostitution and abused and threatened by pimps can take years to overcome, and delays in reporting these crimes of sexual violence. New York’s rape laws statute of limitations have been eliminated and extended and the Child’s Victim Act, followed by the Adult Survivors Act, expanded the window for survivors of sex abuse to file civil suits.
Bill Number:
S349A A1940A
Senator Cordell Cleare / Assemblymember Jeffrey Dinowitz
Sex Trade Survivors Justice & Equality Act
The legislation — based on a progressive legal framework supported by survivors of prostitution and sex trafficking now known as the Equality Model — decriminalizes people in prostitution in New York, while also vacating and expunging past convictions. It also gives them access to comprehensive, trauma-informed services and options to exit the sex trade should they wish to do so. The proposed law will also hold accountable those who cause lifelong harm, profit off of and drive prostitution and sex trafficking. The legislation will continue to uphold statutes that hold accountable pimps, traffickers, brothel owners and illicit massage parlor owners, strengthen anti-trafficking laws, and address sex buying through a fine using an income-based fine scale.
Bill Number:
S1352 / A3386
Senator Liz Krueger / Assemblymember Pamela Hunter

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