WJN protests Brooklyn DA over dismissal of rape charges against two NYPD officers

Press Releases / March 7, 2019

WHEN: Thursday, March 7th at 3:30pm

LOCATION: Outside Brooklyn DA’s Office, 350 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY

New York – In an alarming turn of events, the Brooklyn District Attorney has abandoned Rape and Sexual Assault charges against former NYPD detectives Edward Martins and Richard Hall who were both indicted in October of 2017 for rape, kidnapping, and other charges.

On September 15th of 2017, the two plainclothes detectives pulled over a car for suspicion of driving slowly. A small amount of drugs was found in the car. The two young men in the car were allowed to drive away, and the victim ALONE was told she was under arrest, and led into the unmarked police van where the officers had sex with her. The victim, who goes by the name of Anna Chambers, went to the hospital following the incident, and DNA evidence collected shows the officer’s semen in her vagina and mouth.

NOW-NYC President and Women’s Justice NOW Executive Director Sonia Ossorio said, “Despite DNA evidence of police raping a teenager in their custody, the Brooklyn DA has reduced the matter to official misconduct and bribery. This is a deep injustice for Ms. Chambers and an unacceptable violation of public trust that sends the wrong message to victims. We call on the US Attorney to take up this case to seek justice for Ms. Chamber’s civil rights and hold police accountable for abuses of power.”

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