All hands on deck! Honoring the legacy of RBG and saving Roe.

Blog / September 21, 2020

American women are reeling at the loss of Supreme Court Justice and feminist icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The 87-year-old trailblazer, who died Friday from pancreatic cancer, led a life devoted to advancing equality for women.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s unwavering voice and votes protected women’s rights every single day. It’s up to each of us to find our inner RBG. Ready to get notorious?

The hypocrisy we are seeing from Republicans who blocked President Obama’s nomination of Judge Merrick Garland in the final year of his presidency is beyond infuriating. Their bald audacity must be met with bold activism.

Without all of our singular dedication in the coming days and weeks, we will lose the Supreme Court and be on the sidelines as an ultra-conservative Trump nominee replaces Ginsburg. Amy Coney Barrett is the most likely Trump pick. Deeply anti-choice and a strict originalist, she has said she would “enforce her best understanding of the Constitution rather than a precedent she thinks is clearly in conflict with it.” At 48-years-old, Barrett would leave her mark for a generation or more.

Will you join the fight to beat back this vote? We just need to get to Nov. 3 when Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win the White House (with our hard work)! Republicans who control the Senate can confirm a nominee with 50 votes and a tie-breaker from Vice President Mike Pence, meaning we need four GOP senators to break ranks and oppose replacing Ginsburg before the election.

Here’s where we stand: Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) opposes; Susan Collins (R-ME) opposes. Potential swing votes: Mitt Romney (R-UT), Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Cory Gardner (R-CO). Gardner is in a tough re-election campaign in a swing state, and he said in 2016 that Democrats shouldn’t be able to push through a nominee in a presidential election year. Let’s remind Colorado voters about that.

We urge you to contact anyone you know in these states, to tell them what’s on the line. Donate to their opponents, that will send a strong message. Join NOW NY for real time updates and calls to action to hold off this confirmation.

We’ve all been fighting hard for our rights, the finish line is near. Let’s get there together.

Get Out & Vote

Do you have your plan to vote? Make one now, and make sure your friends and family members have a plan, too.

You can vote in-person at an early voting location or on Election Day, request an absentee ballot to vote by mail, or complete your ballot at home and plan to drop it off at an official site.

All New Yorkers are able to vote by mail in this election. Due to COVID-19, anyone can use the “Temporary Illness” category for requesting a mail-in ballot.

Key Dates:

Early Voting in New York: October 24th – November 1st
15 Day Countdown until the Election: October 19th
Make sure to request your absentee ballot by this date, if voting by mail!

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