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We educate voters, endorse candidates, and mobilize volunteers so NOW-backed campaigns win.

NYC will usher in women’s rights leadership in 2021.

Although we are still grappling with a pandemic that has disproportionately harmed communities of color and pushed more women out of the workforce and economy than ever before, we have elected a majority women City Council for the first time in history. We must continue our work to hold our elected leaders accountable to rebuilding our economy, strengthening our institutions, and lifting up our essential workers and marginalized communities.

Who we endorse.

NOW-NYC endorses pro-choice, pro-women’s rights candidates who are committed to standing up for the women and girls of New York.

Local candidates

NOW-NYC endorses candidates who represent voters living in New York City at the state and city level. This includes candidates seeking citywide office, City Council seats, or those representing any of the five boroughs in the New York State Assembly or New York State Senate. Reach out to or call 212.627.9895 for more information. View our current 2021 Candidate Questionnaires below.

See our 2021 endorsements for mayor, district attorney, and city council.

State and federal candidates

NOW New York State is the point-of-contact for candidates seeking statewide office, State Assembly or Senate seats representing voters outside of New York City, or those seeking Congressional seats. Reach out to or call 212.627.9895 for more information.

See our 2020 endorsements for Congress here.

Our 2022 Congressional PAC Questionnaire will be available in the Fall of 2021.

Questions? Email to learn more about becoming a NOW-NYC endorsed candidate.


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Get Out & Vote!

Make sure you can vote

If you’re not yet registered to vote, change that. Learn more about registration deadlines and guidelines. Find information regarding your voter registration status and polling location. On election day, make a plan: identify your polling location, choose a convenient time for you to head to the polls, and then vote! Learn more about NYC’s new Ranked Choice Voting system here.

Get the guide to student voting

Students often face added barriers to voting simply due to a lack of understanding about how or where to register when they are not living at home. The Campus Vote Project provides an excellent state-by-state guide to help students get registered and answer questions any student may have about their voter eligibility.

We’re committed to increasing women’s representation.

We educate voters on the women’s rights credentials of candidates. We’ve made progress, but have a long ways to go. Women currently make up 26.7% of Congress. Thirty-four percent of women serving in Congress are women of color. Women make up  34.3% of our New York State legislature, putting New York 16th in the rankings of representation in state legislatures. Get the stats on the growing number of women holding elected office.

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