Women Take Over City Council

Press Releases / July 7, 2021

Historic Election for Women Candidates

July 7, 2021 – New York, NY – For the first time in NYC history, women will make up the majority of the City Council when newly-elected members take the oath of office in January 2022, ushering in a new era of women’s leadership.

“Women are running for office in huge numbers, and they are winning,” said Sonia Ossorio, executive director of NOW-NYC. “In NYC the results are dramatic with a wholesale women-led overhaul of the power structure of the City Council.”

Women will likely win 29 of the 51 council seats, increasing women’s leadership participation to 57%. This is a dramatic change for a City Council which for years had only 11 out of 51 seats filled by women. (The current count stands at 14.)

Women of color have taken a prominent role, getting elected throughout the city.

“The surge in women of color running for office and going on to win is historic. This is transformational change at its core,” Ossorio said. “This is an important victory for our members.”

NOW-NYC launched its Women Front & Center campaign to harness women’s significant political power, elect more women leaders, and to center our issues in the debate on the future of NYC.

”On the heels of a pandemic that has disproportionately harmed women and communities of color, NOW-NYC-backed leaders are ready to remake our city,” Ossorio said. “On day one, we are ready to work with them to improve women’s job opportunities and childcare options and to reduce sexual violence and healthcare disparities.”

NOW-NYC ignites change for the women and girls of New York. We advance laws, promote women in politics, fight for reproductive justice, challenge discrimination and violence against women, and act NOW.


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