Our top 3 questions for tonight's mayoral debate

Blog / June 16, 2021

1. Will New York elect its first woman mayor?

Early Voting is underway through Sunday, June 20th!

It has been over 350 years of male mayors. Women candidates are surging, but polls have yet to project history being made – yet. The latest poll shows both Maya Wiley and Kathryn Garcia gaining significant ground. Don’t let the polls mislead you. It’s critical to remember that with ranked choice voting – this is still anyone’s race to win. If you want to elect our city’s first woman mayor, then make sure you get out and vote! Get what you need to know to vote early or vote on primary day – June 22nd – including the lowdown on ranked choice voting:

2. What will the next mayor do about sexual assault?

Check out our Op-Ed in today’s Gotham Gazette.

Even though Maya Wiley has brought up this issue on her own, here’s a question we haven’t heard yet at any of the debates: “What will you do to reduce and prevent sexual assault in our city?”  If you want to learn more about how the candidates plan to tackle gender-based violence, you can also check out our Compare the Candidates guide.

3. How will the next mayor lift up women workers?

View our complete Women Front & Center voter guide now!

The pandemic shone a spotlight on just how essential women – especially women of color – are in keeping our city going, in fueling our economy, and in caring for our children and seniors. It’s imperative that our next mayor fully funds the programs and policies that will truly lift up women and families in our city and bring justice and equality to everyone. If the debate doesn’t answer these questions – our candidate interviews do!