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Get help for workplace discrimination, family law, violence or sexual assault, healthcare, and more.

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We are strengthening our laws and passing new ones to achieve real, lasting change that reflects the challenges and realities that women face.

We change policy and set a precedent.

We led the fight in New York to end the statute of limitations on first degree rape more than 10 years ago–and we successfully pushed in 2019 to increase the reporting window for more survivors of sexual assault. We ushered in no-fault divorce, put a stop to child marriage in our state, and helped close the loophole that allowed abusers to buy and have guns.

Connect with your reps

It’s easy to forget, but important to do: Please thank the leaders who are co-sponsoring pro-women’s rights legislation, so they know just how much it means to you that they have our back. You should also ask your other reps to get on board. It’s easy! Call, email, write, or tweet. Be sure to include @NOW_NYC in your tweets or cc to keep us in the loop!

Here’s what you should include in your message:

  1. Your name and neighborhood
  2. The bill name and number
  3. A short and simple message about why this legislation matters to you.

Join the fight of our lives

We’re empowering you to be the truth tellers, the rule makers, and the rally voices. We can’t do this alone, and neither should you.

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