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In New York City, police respond to an average of 680 domestic violence calls every single day. In a world saturated with gender-based violence, we empower survivors, change the conversation, transform culture, and make our justice system work.

Advocating for survivors

NOW-NYC’s sister organization, Women’s Justice NOW, is pushing for reform in how police and prosecutors respond to survivors of sexual assault. View our latest survey of anti-violence organizations, service providers, and rape crisis programs across NYC on what they observe, and read our recommendations for the essential reforms we are taking action to implement.

What would your life look like in a world without gender-based violence?

We collectively have the power to change our culture. The good news is that there has been a generational shift in attitudes towards gender-based violence. But we can all do more. Find out how you can help:

10 Ways Men Can Prevent Gender-Based Violence

Bystander Intervention Training for Street Harassment

We’re challenging rape myths and demanding institutions do a better job at addressing sexual assault. Learn how:

Lifting Up Survivor Stories

Learn more about Women’s Justice NOW’s healing storytelling workshop for survivors.

Fighting Rape Culture

Through our legislative advocacy, we’re helping to pass laws that prevent violence before it begins and find justice for survivors.

Listening to survivors is a powerful force for change. With every story, we are dismantling a culture that enables rape and sexual assault. Together, we’re creating a world where sexual assault won’t be tolerated.

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