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Women’s reproductive health is on the line. We are defending our rights to abortion and birth control, and advancing policies that support pregnant women and parents.

Women’s reproductive health is vital.

Access to reproductive healthcare is simply an essential part of the comprehensive healthcare that we need. Yet we are living in a political climate where even birth control has become a dirty word and Roe v. Wade is on track to be overturned. Already, there are six states that have only one abortion clinic and Trump is set to roll back major birth control mandates. That’s where we come in. We’re defending against continued attacks on abortion and contraception, and we’re lobbying for stronger laws and better access so that New York State remains a beacon for meeting women’s reproductive healthcare needs with compassion and urgency.

We now have a Reproductive Health Act in NY!

The Reproductive Health Act is here to ensure that no matter what happens under Trump or in the Supreme Court, women in New York will have access to abortion as decided in Roe v. Wade more than four decades ago. We are proud to have fought for this legislation, and we will continue to fight with facts and truth instead of misinformation and fear. Help us stop the lies about protecting women’s health. Get the facts here.


Sex-ed can be a powerful tool to teach students not only about sex, but also healthy relationship skills and decision making. Did you know sex-ed is not a requirement in New York public schools?

Reproductive Health Act Is Law

Get the facts. The Reproductive Health Act makes the protections of Roe the law of our state. Separate fact from fiction and learn more about how the Reproductive Health Act will protect abortion access in our state.

Clinic Access

We are defending access to reproductive healthcare. We’ll connect you with an experienced group of trained volunteer clinic escorts as we advocate for better policies for patients and clinics, and provide a community for advocates and women’s health clinics to share expertise and knowledge.

Contraceptive Coverage Act

Know your rights. The Contraceptive Coverage Act makes sure that you are able to access your preferred method of birth control without a copay.

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