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We are transforming our culture so that rape and sexual assault are taken seriously. We’re challenging the social norms and stereotypes that lead to victim-blaming and misunderstanding about the impact of sexual violence.

Here’s how we’re making sure rape is taken seriously:

We are envisioning systemic change in New York City. It’s time that our city makes ending rape and sexual assault a top priority. That’s why we’re holding our leaders and institutions accountable and pushing for change within our criminal justice system so that survivors can attain justice. We’re working hand-in-hand with survivors to amplify their stories and change the systems, policies, and institutions that deny them a voice.

Here’s how we’re fighting for women’s justice now:

Stopping Drug Rape

We’re confronting drug-facilitated sexual assault and helping survivors navigate a criminal justice system that too often fails to hear them.

Defending VAWA

We’re defending the Violence Against Women Act and amplifying survivor stories.

Rape and sexual assault can happen anywhere.

It happens at work, on college campuses, in prison, and between intimate partners. It happens to people of all genders, ages and sexual orientations. The effects of rape and sexual assault must be taken seriously.

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