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Our Women’s Rights Candidates

The issues that matter to you.

NOW-NYC members overwhelmingly want a city that is affordablesafe, and just. In a recent poll, here’s what you said you cared about most:

  • Affordability –  affordable housing, childcare, and a lower cost of living;
  • Safety – improved public safety that addresses needed police reform and reducing hate crimes and violence against women; and
  • Justice – economic and social equality for all New Yorkers, access to quality public education, and a city that doesn’t cater only to the rich.

We’re excited to support these City Council candidates from across the five boroughs.**


Gigi Li – CD1 – Meet Gigi

“I am an immigrant, the first in my family to graduate college, a woman of color, a social worker, and a mom who has dedicated her adult life to helping overlooked and underrepresented communities fight for access, accountability, and support.”


Jenny Low – CD1 – Meet Jenny

“I’m the candidate who has demonstrated a track record and proven skills that are needed to help this district and the city recover from the devastation caused by COVID. The turbulent year of 2020 may be over, but the coronavirus pandemic and the significant financial insecurity facing many women and their families are not.”


Julie Menin – CD5 – Meet Julie

“I’ve served as Commissioner of the Department of Consumer Affairs, Commissioner of Media and Entertainment, City Census Director and held a senior role at the NYC Law Department. I want to utilize my two decades of experience in city government to help our community and our city recover. My family has seen New York’s promise since my mother survived the Holocaust and settled in Yorkville…Throughout my career, I have fought for gender equity, from spearheading the seminal Pink Tax study that led directly to a ban on charging women more for comparable products to creating the nation’s first municipal Women’s Film, Theatre and Music fund to give direct grants to women creatives, creating space for them in an otherwise difficult-to-enter space. On the City Council, I will continue to fight for universal childcare and the elimination of the pay gap to lift up and empower women.”


Gale Brewer – CD6 – Meet Gale

“The women’s movement is what brought me into public life. On the City Council, I’ll keep working till we have achieved full equality by fighting for equal pay for equal work, affordable childcare, and real access to reproductive care.”


Stacy Lynch – CD7 – Meet Stacy

“I launched my campaign because I’ve seen firsthand how government can play an active role in everyday people’s lives and how it can hurt communities, particularly those of color and the underserved. Born into the movement to Mary Lynch, a school teacher, and Bill Lynch, the political mastermind behind the mayoral campaign of David Dinkins, I know that good policy is good government, and what drives good government is how well you connect with communities, constituents, and the people we serve.”


Diana Ayala* – CD8 – Meet Diana

Diana Ayala has worked for nearly two decades serving the people of the 8th District in social service agencies and government, and is a passionate advocate on issues including housing, gun violence, and senior services.

Diana was born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, and moved to New York City with her family as a child. Growing up in public housing after a time in the shelter system, she experienced numerous challenges that would help give her a unique voice and perspective in government and politics, and drive her passion for public service. She worked as a senior center director in East Harlem for seven years, and later joined the team for Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito as Constituent Services Director, ultimately becoming Deputy Chief of Staff.


Marjorie Velazquez- CD13 –
Meet Marjorie

“In 2012, I suffered life-changing injuries in a workplace accident and a subsequent car crash that left me temporarily disabled. I struggled through a bureaucratic healthcare system, but found a path to recovery through giving back to my community. My life went from a painful struggle to public service. I volunteered to help elect several elected officials and joined Community Board 10 where I served as Treasurer and now serve as Municipal Services Chair. Here, I have focused on COVID recovery, transportation, parks, budget equity, and overdevelopment while advocating for racial and gender equality.”


Althea Stevens – CD16 –
Meet Althea

“I am a proud native New Yorker who has always been drawn to public service and giving back to my community. This drive started in high school when I became pregnant with my daughter and was often told that I was going to be nothing more than a statistic. However, I was determined not to let this negativity stop me from graduating high school college and pursuing my passions. Since then, I have spent over 15 years working at community-based organizations, giving a voice to some of the city’s most vulnerable populations. As a lifelong, heartfelt community advocate with the ability to motivate and inspire individuals, I lead with passion to serve others. I am running for the same reason. I want to make sure my community has the resources and services it needs to thrive.”


Amanda Farias – CD18 –
Meet Amanda

“Growing up in the Bronx, I learned that no problem is too big to solve when the community is in your corner. As your State Committeewoman, I’ve put that into practice. I was born and raised in Soundview, and I’ve lived in the district my entire life. I’ve spent the last decade investing in the same community that invested in me. That’s why I’m running to represent District 18 in the New York City Council. I know firsthand that no issue is too big to solve when you have the community in your corner.”

Staten Island

Amoy Barnes – CD49 – Meet Amoy

I have made service to my community central to my career and personal endeavors and have worked hard to continue doing so–based on the strong ties I have created with businesses, faith and advocacy groups in my community. I believe my work as a Constituent Services Liaison and Borough Director for City Hall, NYC Parks, and the Department of Education has provided me with a great deal of insight into some of areas where meaningful transformation will take place (if we choose to invest in the people). I feel strongly about spending time in my district, building community and public service and will not give up on my community.


Olivia Drabczyk – CD51 – Meet Olivia

“I am a single mother and am in my 10th year as a NYC public school teacher. I received my MA in inclusive education from Teachers College as a member of the Teaching Residency at TC cohort for Secondary Inclusive Education. I have served as a teacher mentor within my school, as a teacher trainer for Teaching Fellows-in the D75 setting, and as a member of my schools’ professional development committees-planning and implementing professional learning experiences for my coworkers. I am committed to building nurturing educational spaces that affirm all learners and promote self-advocacy and equity. I firmly believe these experiences have prepared me well to serve District 51 and our City as a whole during one of the most challenging times of our City’s history.”


Renee Collymore – CD35 –
Meet Renee

“I am the daughter of an immigrant father from Barbados and a mother from the Deep South. My family has been in Brooklyn since the 1940’s. Our home did not come from privilege, and like many families, we struggled to attain the American Dream. I am a proud product of the Public School System, plus I have been in Public Service and Small Business my entire life. I have been fighting to improve the lives of my neighbors for well over 20 years, and I am proud to call myself an Activist. I am proud to call myself a Progressive Democrat. I am proud to call myself a Brooklynite, and it is my highest honor to serve District 35.”


Darma Diaz* – CD37 – Meet Darma

“I am a proud daughter of Puerto Rican parents and I grew up right here in Brooklyn.  I’ve worked in social services and as a public servant for over 20 years, and have been showing up for my community for my whole life. COVID has had a devastating impact on our community. We’ve all been hurt by this pandemic, and we need to heal and rebuild. As your council member I will fight to make sure that our COVID recovery efforts are just and equitable. I’m also fighting to build more affordable housing and protect tenants, to create jobs, and invest in local businesses. I will work to get kids back to school in person. I will stand up for our seniors and make sure that they get the assistance from the government they deserve, so that they and their families can live with dignity.”


Briget Rein – CD39 – Meet Briget

“I have lived in Brooklyn my whole life and within this district for the last 18 years. I know the people who live here and the small businesses that make our community so special. My background is in education and union organizing, both of which are incredibly important right now. I know how the City Council works because I’ve fought for education funding and programs through my position with the UFT, so I’ll know how to get things done once I’m there. Our district needs a fighter for education and our small businesses, and I’m ready to get to work to be that fighter.”


Alicka Ampry-Samuel* – CD41
Meet Alicka

“We have accomplished a lot, but so much more still needs to be done for our community. Together, we can build a better Brooklyn for future generations….This pandemic has made so many [mothers’] lives excruciatingly difficult, and we’re never going to have a full recovery if we don’t step up and support them. That’s why I am so proud to be sponsoring this bill to create a ‘Marshall Plan for Moms Task Force,’ which will examine the struggles mothers are facing and help find ways New York City can address these challenges. These problems didn’t start with the pandemic, but it’s clear they’ve gotten worse and will continue to get worse if we don’t take steps now. Let’s be part of the solution,”


Farah Louis* – CD45 – Meet Farah

“As a lifelong Brooklynite, I’ve spent my entire life fighting to improve the lives, resources and well-being of women, girls and the people of District 45.

Now, I’m working to fight for mental health services and continued efforts to combat domestic violence and sexual harassment, expand and protect affordable housing, funding for schools and ensure small businesses thrive in my community.”


Mariya Markh – CD48 – Meet Mariya

“I’m running because our next Council Member’s first responsibility will be to help our City and our community recover from the devastating effects of COVID-19. I’m running because I’ve been helping this community for over a decade. I know your needs and I’m always on your side. I’m running because I know how to make government work for you, not against you. I’ve been here and I’ve done the job. I’m running because I’m Ready On Day One.”


Evie Hantzopoulos – CD22 –
Meet Evie

“For over 20 years, I’ve lived, raised my family, and advocated to improve the lives of people in our wonderful, diverse district. As a community leader, Executive Director of Global Kids, a non-profit whose mission is to uplift underserved youth, a member of Community Board 1, and a PTA parent of three daughters, I’ve dedicated my life to social justice, youth empowerment, and creating a just, equitable and sustainable world.”


Shekar Krishnan – CD25 –
Meet Shekar

“New York City is facing an affordability crisis, a racial justice crisis, and a public health crisis. It is more important than ever that we have a fighter representing us, who has both the vision and the experience, to make the changes we need. I am running for City Council because Elmhurst and Jackson Heights deserve a leader who will be fearless in standing up to powerful interests when our community’s needs are at stake. I am so honored to be endorsed by Brooklyn-Queens NOW and NOW-NYC, and to stand with them in the struggle for freedom from gender discrimination and violence and for reproductive justice. We must work together, with urgency, to address the devastating effects of the pandemic and build a truly equitable and safe city for all.


Ebony Young – CD26 – Meet Ebony

“I am best qualified to serve district 26 because I know what it takes to manage this district. At my prior post which I held at the local YMCA, we served people of every racial and socioeconomic background. From day traders with gym passes to low income after school program grant recipients, the client base I served as executive director ran the gamut. In that vein I have seen the various problems within our district and have worked with a diverse swath of the district, supplying them with positive and enriching experiences. There are none other with such seasoned experience in this race and the ability to reach across these common barriers as I have and will continue to do when elected.”


Adrienne Adams* – CD28 –
Meet Adrienne

“I will work to improve the quality of life for all district residents and ensure they never have to choose between their safety and their civil rights. I will continue to fight for affordable housing, high-quality education and small business relief.”


Lynn Schulman – CD29 – Meet Lynn

“I am running for City Council because it is time for a change. The Coronavirus pandemic has exposed the glaring inequities that exist with our city. New York City has been devastated by the virus and it has laid bare the need for bold structural changes to how we approach health care, housing, public safety, and nearly every aspect of how city government interfaces with our lives….I have been a progressive my entire life. As an out lesbian, I understand how marginalized communities experience inequality and how it deprives individuals of opportunity and dignity. We need to shift the paradigm from top-down decision making that ignores, isolates, and undermines communities towards an approach that makes equity and justice the guiding principles in all decision-making. I am running for City Council to be an agent of this transformation in city government.”

* Incumbent

**Endorsements for Brooklyn and Queens were made in coordination with Brooklyn-Queens-NOW.

Who’s running in your district?

Learn more about what the City Council does, who the candidates are in your district, and don’t forget to VOTE! Early voting runs from Saturday, June 12th – Sunday June 20th. Primary Election Day is Tuesday June 22nd: