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Media / August 3, 2021

Governor's Actions Indefensible Says NOW-NY President

The president of NOW-NY says Governor Cuomo's response to Attorney General James's report, which concluded Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women, was an insult.

Media / July 8, 2021

Next City Council: Most Diverse, Progressive, and Female Led

“In NYC the results are dramatic with a wholesale women-led overhaul of the power structure of the City Council.,” said Sonia Ossorio, executive director of NOW-NYC.

Media / June 8, 2021

Opinion: NY’s high court needs Madeline Singas, ‘champion for the most vulnerable’

This week, the New York state Senate will consider the nomination of Madeline Singas to the Court of Appeals. Her confirmation deserves enthusiastic support from every senator who wants a more equitable and inclusive justice system. As Nassau County District Attorney, Singas has been a consistent champion for the most vulnerable and marginalized members of our community. She embodies New York’s progressive values at their best.