Criminal justice reform package must not violate survivors' privacy

Press Releases / February 5, 2019


Statement of Sonia Ossorio, President of NOW-NY on how proposed criminal justice reform package impacts survivors of sexual assault:

“Proposals being negotiated today in Albany on criminal justice reform would dangerously alter the rules on discovery, requiring prosecutors to disclose the names and contact information of victims and witnesses to the defense within 15 days of arraignment. While the proposed bills that are in the budget
(S.1716/A.1431) allow prosecutors to seek a protective order for good cause, this presumption of disclosure is dangerous.

We are on the cusp of creating a fairer and more just criminal justice system in New York, but we must ensure that victims of sexual assault who come forward will be protected by the system.  The prospect of having your name, address and phone disclosed will chill victim and witness cooperation, and runs counter to the great work being done by our leaders in Albany to revolutionize our criminal justice system. It simply cannot be done at the expense of rape victims.”

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