Reproductive Health Act Passes in New York

Press Releases / January 22, 2019

Statement of Sonia Ossorio, NOW-NYC President on the passage of the Reproductive Health Act: 

“The New York State legislature has just taken a huge step forward for equality. With the passage of this bill, women’s right to abortion will be protected no matter what happens nationally under Trump.

Today, our leaders affirmed that abortion is healthcare that one in four women need, that contraception should be accessible and affordable, and that women must be empowered to set the course of their lives.

On the 46th anniversary of Roe, New York has taken action to make sure that abortion access is protected in our state no matter what happens in our Supreme Court. In this political moment – where the lives and rights of women are being challenged daily, New York is drawing a line to protect the health and autonomy of women and girls.”