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Get help for workplace discrimination, family law, violence or sexual assault, healthcare, and more.

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We’re advocating for laws and policies that defend our rights and lift up women and girls. From amending our rape and sexual assault laws to pushing for a state Equal Rights Amendment–we’re working together to legislate change.

Three ways to take action:

It takes perseverance and grassroots action to pass new laws. Legislators need to hear directly from their communities and voters. Any major policy change takes a sustained effort of public outreach, education, and lobbying. If you’d like to get more involved in fighting for our 2022 legislative agenda with us – here’s how:

1. Call your reps.

A direct, personal phone call, email, tweet or letter can have a big impact and is an easy step anyone can take to ignite change. Check out our Legislative Agenda to learn more about the legislation we’re supporting now.

2. Meet your reps.

Nothing replaces the effort and impact of a face-to-face meeting. Partner with neighbors, friends, or your favorite advocacy organization (hint, hint) and take your issue directly to your legislators. It’s simple. If you live in their district, you can ask for a meeting!

3. Get on the bus.

We hold lobby days on our key issues every year. Join us at City Hall, in Albany, or in D.C. We provide training and transportation, and you provide a strong voice for our rights.



We need 100 advocates to unite to make change in 2022
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