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NOW-NYC advocates for laws that defend our rights and break barriers for women and girls. We champion critical legislation to end discrimination, advance fairness in the workplace, protect and expand reproductive rights, and strengthen our criminal justice system for victims of gender-based violence.

New York State Legislation

Child Victims Act: Passed!
Enables survivors of childhood sexual abuse to seek justice in the courts, by allowing victims more time to pursue legal action. This will help to prevent the silencing of victims and enable more survivors to come forward, ultimately holding more perpetrators accountable and preventing abuse.
State Senator Hoylman / Assemblymember Rosenthal
Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act: Passed!
Would protect women’s access to insurance coverage for contraception and make it easier to get a prescription filled.
Bill Number:
S.3668 -2017 / A.01378-2017
State Senator Bonacic / Assemblymember Cahill
Reproductive Health Act: Passed!
Would safeguard women’s reproductive health, by placing the protections of Roe v. Wade squarely into New York State law. Given the hostile climate to women’s reproductive rights, New York State cannot rely solely on federal law to ensure women’s access to reproductive healthcare. S.2796 - 2017 / A.01748-2017
Bill Number:
S.240 /  A.21
State Senator Krueger / Assemblymember Glick
Equal Rights Amendment
Strengthens and updates equal protection language in the state constitution to prohibit denial of equality of rights on the basis or race, color, creed, religion, national origin, citizenship, marital status, age, gender, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, physical or mental disability or other immutable or ascriptive characteristic.
Bill Number:
Latest Action:
State Senator Krueger

Federal Legislation

Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act
The Violence Against Women Act provides critical funding for direct services, professional training, and prevention programs that address domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking. The reauthorization includes key improvements that will expand protections for the most marginalized groups and make stronger investments in prevention.
Bill Number:
H.R. 6545-2018
Representative Jackson Lee
Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019
Would require a background check for the sale of every firearm. Currently, there is a loophole that allows sellers who are not federal licensed to bypass conducting a background check.
Bill Number:
Representative Mike Thompson
Arbitration Fairness Act
Would keep mandatory arbitration clauses out of employment contracts, giving harassed workers the option of going to court. Currently, forced arbitration thwarts the ability of workers and consumers to hold corporations accountable for abuses and crimes of sexual misconduct.
Senator Blumenthal / Congressmember Johnson
The Family Medical Leave Modernization Act
Ensures that employees are able to take leave in order to care for their loved ones by (1) expanding medical leave eligibility to employees who work for employers with 15 employees or more, (2) extending the amount of leave an employee can take to 24 hours in a 12 month period and 4 hours in a 30 day period, (3) broadening the definition of family to incorporate more caregiving relationships.
Bill Number:
H.R. 6098-2018
Congressmember Maloney
Equal Access to Abortion Coverage in Health Insurance (EACH Woman) Act
Would ensure access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare for all women, regardless of their income level or source of their insurance coverage. If passed, this legislation will repeal the 1976 Hyde Amendment that made it illegal to use federal funds for abortion coverage.
Bill Number:
H.R. 771-2017
Congressmember Lee
Intern Protection Act
Aims to extend certain rights to interns, including freedom from employment discrimination, job security in case of pregnancy, and protection against workplace sexual harassment.
Bill Number:
H.R. 653-2017
Congressmember Cummings