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Clinics Are Gearing Up and So Are We. Join Our Team to Help Those Traveling to NYC for Abortions.

Right now across the country women’s lives have been upended as they rush to secure appointments for procedures to terminate pregnancies in states, such as New York, where state law protects everyone seeking an abortion, and protects the doctors, nurses and professional medical staffs that provide services.

Many women, with families in tow, will have to take days off from work (if they can), drive across one or more state lines (with gas topping $5 a gallon). Some will be able to pay for a hotel, while others will have a grueling long drive back to their home state. That’s the burden the US government is putting on our families.

New York Clinics are gearing up for the increase in patients and so is NOW.  We’re launching a program to connect New Yorkers with all those who are traveling here to obtain reproductive healthcare.

Navigating New York can be stressful. Join Our Be A Friend in NYC Escort Team–and help make the experience as stress free and informative as possible.

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More actions to take

1. Support Women  in Texas abortion funds

Share information on how to access abortion in Texas and support abortion funds that help women and others access the reproductive healthcare they need. Our allies on-the-ground in Texas are facing a harsh new reality. Women are in need of accurate information and urgent support to be able to access abortion.

Here’s a list of organizations you can support NOW:

Need – Find abortion care in Texas, get the latest on the laws, & donate to support abortion funds

National Network of Abortion Funds – Find Individual Abortion Funds in Texas

Jane’s Due Process – Helps teens navigate abortion access and the judicial bypass process in Texas


2. Increase awareness about these important resources!

Spread the word about, a group based in Austria that can mail the same abortion-inducing medication. The site even offers advance provision of abortion pills for anyone who may want to have the medicine on hand before an unwanted pregnancy occurs — for themselves or for someone they know. Just know that in a post-Roe world there could be legal risks to women  who live in states where abortion is banned and who order pills off the internet.

Direct people who are seeking legal advice to the group If/When/How: Lawyering for Reproductive Justice, which provides a confidential legal help line and a legal-defense fund to assist women who get tied up in the criminal justice system because of the outcomes of their pregnancies.

People can also make sure others are aware of groups like the Miscarriage and Abortion Hotline, which has text and phone options for asking questions during and after a miscarriage or an abortion.


Tp help women having to travel for abortion care,  donate to, and

At, you can see how close your nearest abortion clinic is, and what the waiting periods and other restrictions are, if faced with an unwanted pregnancy.

To get the facts on abortion pills. Go to


3. Stay informed and stay connected to NOW-NYC!

We will continue to update you and take action to defend our reproductive freedom. Make sure you sign-up for our emails to learn about upcoming protests and rallies and events on the issues that matter to you.

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