Get your Trump talking points for Turkey Day!

Blog / November 27, 2019

Grab Trump By the Ballot: Thanksgiving Edition

The impeachment inquiry is underway, but the anti-impeachment spin is “so what?!” We’ve got you. Here’s your cheat sheet with the facts about how Trump’s actions were both politically motivated and an abuse of power.

Here are four questions to ask if Trump claims he was just “rooting out corruption” in Ukraine then:

  1. Why did multiple career career civil servants (serving both Republican and Democratic administrations) testify that Trump never cared about genuinely addressing corruption?
  2. Why did Giuliani say publicly that he was seeking investigations damaging to Trump’s political opponents?
  3. Why did Sondland testify that Trump and Giuliani didn’t actually ask him to demand that the Ukrainians open any real investigations to root out corruption—just that they announce publicly that there would be investigations?
  4. Why did Trump openly ask China to investigate the Bidens, saying “if they don’t do what we want, we have tremendous power”?

And to be clear….

  • Trump knew about the whistleblower complaint in August. It was after he knew of the complaint that he released military aid and claimed he didn’t want anything from Ukraine. That’s right – only after he knew about the complaint.
  • No, Ukraine did not hack the Democratic National Committee servers – Russia did. This was the conclusion of independent investigations by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the F.B.I., AND bipartisan Congressional reports. Take a 6-minute look at the evidence of Russian interference.
  • The national debt has hit an all-time high of $23 trillion on Trump’s watch.  This is despite his promise to actually wipe out the national debt. Trump’s huge corporate tax cuts didn’t turn into higher wages and benefits for workers. But it did put us deeper into debt than at any time in history.

Hundreds of emails show Stephen Miller’s irrefutable link to white nationalism. The longest-serving member of Trump’s inner circle, Miller is a scholar of virulent racism, but he still has a seat at the table advising Trump and drafting US policy.