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Press Releases / August 9, 2019

NOW-NY Calls Out Stephen Ross for Supporting Trump

We must shame Equinox owner Stephen Ross for helping Trump raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in the Hamptons tomorrow. Ross says he's a "champion of racial equality," but he's helping the most racist president in history reign 4 more years. Not on our watch!

Blog / February 26, 2019

Trump’s domestic gag rule will defund women’s health clinics nationwide

This is a dangerous policy that will put the health and lives of women and low-income patients at risk. We must act now if we want to keep Trump and the government out of our doctors’ offices.

Blog / January 6, 2019

10 ways Trump is reversing our rights

Trump’s relentless attacks on women’s rights have impacted our healthcare, workplaces, families, and freedom from discrimination. Here's are the ways Trump is aiming to reverse our rights:

Blog / January 2, 2019

Trump’s war on reproductive rights

Our reproductive rights are under attack. Since Inauguration Day, the Trump administration has worked to roll back protections for women’s reproductive rights and threaten our access to healthcare. Here are just five of the many ways Trump has undermined our rights.