Condemn the Violence & Remove Trump from Office

Press Releases / January 7, 2021

January 7, 2021 — New York, NY — We condemn the unprecedented siege on our nation’s Capitol and implore our leaders to take immediate action to remove Trump from office. He has incited violence, spurred domestic terrorism, put the lives of our Congressional leaders and the public in danger, and disrupted a peaceful transition of power. He has misled and lied to the American people, making baseless claims about election fraud that will continue to fuel violence and division if they remain unchallenged. Responsible elected officials committed to restoring and strengthening our democracy must use every legal tool at their disposal to put an end to Trump’s presidency. Trump must be held accountable for the immeasurable damage he has inflicted on our democratic institutions, our standing in the world, and the people of this country.

NOW-NYC ignites change for the women and girls of New York. We advance laws, promote women in politics, fight for reproductive justice, challenge discrimination and violence against women, and act NOW.


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