Five Ways We Move Forward After the Siege on the Capitol

Blog / January 13, 2021

How do we move forward?

1. Condemn the unprecedented siege on our nation’s Capitol and implore our leaders to take immediate action to remove Trump from office. Trump has incited violence, spurred domestic terrorism, put the lives of our Congressional leaders and the public in danger, and disrupted a peaceful transition of power. He has misled and lied to the American people, making baseless claims about election fraud that will continue to fuel violence and division if they remain unchallenged.

Responsible elected officials committed to restoring and strengthening our democracy must use every legal tool at their disposal to put an end to Trump’s presidency and ensure that he is never able to hold elected office again. Trump must be held accountable for the immeasurable damage he has inflicted on our democratic institutions, our standing in the world, and the people of this nation.


2. Take action by calling our Reps and supporting their calls for accountability NOW.

Senator Schumer (202) 224-6542

Senator Gillibrand (202) 224-4451

My House Rep


3. Acknowledge and proactively challenge white supremacy and racial injustice.

The leaders who fueled last week’s attack enabled acts of domestic terrorism and bolstered white nationalist groups who brought symbols of hate into our Capitol, inflicted violence on others, and threatened the lives of our elected leaders and others. Despite this violence, those who sieged the Capitol were undeniably treated with higher regard than so many Black Lives Matter protesters and people of color in their daily interactions with police. These disparities must not stand.


4. Hold all those complicit accountable, now and in future elections to come. We must not forget the Republican officials who helped incite last week’s violent siege: all those who rejected Biden’s legitimate victory and spent the past two months spreading misinformation, denying facts, and undermining the integrity of our election system. 147 Republicans voted to reject the legal and legitimate electoral college certification, despite an insurrection at the Capitol in which lives were lost.

These leaders ignored 61 defeated lawsuits, 3 recounts, 50 states’ certified results, and a popular vote margin of over 7 million. They continue to cry election fraud, even when the same election secured their own seats in Congress. They’ve put Trump’s will above our democracy and our safety.

Four of our NY Representatives were among those who objected to certifying results, even after the violent siege of the Capitol: Nicole Malliotakis (Staten Island), Lee Zeldin (Eastern Long Island), Elise Stefanik (North Country), & Chris Jacobs (Buffalo area).

In contrast, a number of Republicans have publicly stated their support for impeachment.


5. Elect local leaders who will fight for our values and uphold democracy.

This coming year we turn our attention to New York City, where we will choose a new Mayor, a Manhattan District Attorney, and a new City Council. This is a pivotal election, especially in the face of increased threats to our democratic institutions nationally; the increase in hate crimes and the rise in visibility of white nationalist groups; the devastation to our economy; and the pandemic which continues to upend education, the healthcare system, mass transit, housing, and small businesses—all the institutions that affect every one of us each and every day. 

If you can, please consider lending your support to elevate the voices, concerns, and needs of New York women in 2021.

Elevate women’s voices

Hear the women leaders who know what we’re up against and learn more:

“I think for people of color, the rising of the Confederacy in such vivid detail … there was an added sense of what this meant for the country beyond what was happening on that day.”
– Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal on Surviving the Siege


“Unless we confront the threats we face, we risk ensuring that last week’s events are only a prelude to an even greater tragedy.”
– Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Impeaching Trump & Confronting White Supremacy


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