Trump continues to abuse power

Blog / March 3, 2020

Grab Trump By The Ballot: March Edition

With a Republican-majority Senate that has failed to challenge his abuses of power, Trump moves to target anyone he deems “disloyal,” while using his office to blatantly favor allies:

  • Acquitted by the U.S. Senate on impeachment charges, Trump cleans house, dismissing impeachment witnesses Lt. Col. Alex Vindman and Gordon Sondland.
  • Trump interfered with the Department of Justice’s sentencing of Roger Stone who was convicted of lying to Congress and threatening a witness. The four prosecutors who recommended Stone’s sentence resigned in protest.
  • Trump granted clemency to 11 individuals – many with a direct connection to Trump or his political allies.
  • Trump targets Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor after she dissented on the decision to uphold the “public charge” rule that will effectively punish immigrants for utilizing Medicaid or food stamps.

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