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We are putting Women Front & Center as NYC votes on who will lead our city into a brighter and more just future. Let’s get our issues in the spotlight and turn our vision into reality.

Women Front & Center: We are the majority!

The NYC primary is Tuesday, June 22nd. Women are projected to make up 61% of the Democratic primary voters who will decide the future of our city. Are the candidates truly lifting women up in their vision for a stronger, post-pandemic New York City?  Our Women Front & Center campaign will harness women’s significant political power to elevate our voices, concerns, and essential needs – now and in the future.


Lunch with the mayoral candidates

Sign-up for our Women Front & Center Series. We’ll be hosting 30 minute conversations with the top candidates – every Tuesday and Thursday in May. We’re cutting through the politics. Getting you the facts. Identifying the candidates who will deliver for NYC women.

Watch the Interviews

Eric Adams

Candidate Questionnaires

Read the full questionnaires here, or scroll down to compare candidate responses to your favorite questions.

Compare the Candidates

What’s your issue?  We’ve put together all the candidate responses to our top questions in one place so you can compare.

Count down to election day with us.

Stay tuned for our voter guides, get what you need to know about ranked choice voting, and join our conversations with the candidates. We’ll keep you in the know.

There’s a huge field of candidates and extremely high stakes. We’re here to help you sift through the difficult issues, understand the distinctions between candidates, and ask the tough questions that matter most to the future of our city’s women and girls.

We have a tremendous opportunity to reimagine a stronger New York City. It’s past time that we do the hard work that’s needed to make our city affordable, safe, just, and sustainable for every New Yorker!

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When we invest in women and girls, we build stronger, more resilient, and more just communities.

Research from around the world has demonstrated this time and again. Yet, even here in New York City, we have not done enough to attain gender parity in leadership, root out sexism and sexual violence, and elevate the priorities of women and girls.

On the heels of a pandemic that has disproportionately harmed women and communities of color and kicked more women out of the workforce than ever before, we must elect leaders who are ready to remake our city with the know-how and vision to elevate women and level the playing field for everyone.  

As a city and nation, we are finally turning a corner and have a huge opportunity to transform our city’s future. Please take 3 minutes to answer our 6 question poll and let us know what you want – and what we need to demand – from our future elected leaders.

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