New York Women Ready for New Leadership

Press Releases / August 10, 2021

Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul To Make History As First Woman Governor of New York


New York, NY – On the heels of an exhaustive investigation that found Governor Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women under state employment and broke the very workplace legal protections he signed into law, the three-time elected Governor resigned today. Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul assumes the Governorship in two weeks.

“Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul is a trusted and steadfast champion for women’s rights. She knows every corner of this state better than anyone and is ready to lead,” said Sonia Ossorio, president of the National Organization for Women – New York. “It is a poetic twist of fate that she will now make history as the first woman Governor of New York, as a result of yet another leader abusing his official power and the public trust.”

NOW first called for an investigation in March, when it became clear there were numerous, credible accounts of sexual harassment allegations against the Governor.

Ossorio added, “Women of all generations are able to recognize sexual harassment when they see it. After MeToo, anyone who didn’t reflect and realize the world around them had changed has set themselves up for self destruction. This is the reality.”

NOW-NYC ignites change for the women and girls of New York. We advance laws, promote women in politics, fight for reproductive justice, challenge discrimination and violence against women, and act NOW.




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