NY Governor Kathy Hochul Sets a New Course

Press Releases / August 24, 2021

NOW Celebrates First Woman Governor of New York


New York, NY – August 24, 2021 –  Kathy Hochul, the former Congresswoman and Lieutenant Governor, made history today when she was sworn in as the 57th Governor of New York, becoming the first woman to ascend to the highest position in state government.  

NOW-NY congratulates Governor Hochul and welcomes a new era in Albany and state government. NOW-NY looks forward to working with her to pursue advances for women through legislation and the budget and have great expectations that she can put women front and center in her new administration.

“Governor Kathy Hochul has been a true champion of women,” said Sonia Ossorio, president of the National Organization for Women in New York. “Advancing women’s legal rights and increasing economic opportunities for women will be a key to her success. When we empower women, we uplift families, and no one knows that better than Governor Hochul.”

NOW-NY has worked with Governor Hochul to secure reproductive rights for New Yorkers and to pass laws to strengthen accountability for sex crimes. She was instrumental in securing laws to address and prevent sexual assault on college campuses and spent time with students and administrators to bolster the state’s efforts to reduce sexual assault and create stronger accountability. 

“Kathy Hochul will lead by example and will continue to be the role model she has consistently been for all New Yorkers, and especially young women,” Ossorio said

NOW advocates for laws that defend our rights and break barriers for women and girls. We work to advance economic opportunity and fairness in the workplace, protect and expand reproductive rights, and strengthen our criminal justice system for victims of gender-based violence.


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