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Media / June 30, 2022

Executive Director of NOW - NYC speaks about overturning of Roe on Bloomberg Business Week

Sonia Ossorio, President of the National Organization for Women New York, shares her thoughts on what's next for abortion rights in the country.

Press Releases / June 28, 2022

NOW-NYC demands wage and working hour protections for NYC's home healthcare workers

The National Organization for Women urges the City Council to join us in supporting this measure that will prevent these essential workers from being further exploited by putting clear legal standards into place that will codify the rights that all workers are entitled to.

Media / May 16, 2022

NOW & Bumble Join Forces to Make Women Safer Online

Bumble and NOW are calling on legislators in every state to help break the chain of violence against women by introducing bills to prohibit the sending of unsolicited nudes, also known as cyberflashing.

Media / May 16, 2022

NOW-NY Pres. Op-Ed: Cyberflashing is a Modern Form of Harassment

Cyberflashing is a decidedly modern form of harassment. It happens in public, at work, on campus and on social media by strangers and acquaintances alike. New York has enacted strong measures to address sexual harassment. It’s time for the legislature to send a strong message to the public that cyberflashing will no longer be tolerated either.

Press Releases / May 12, 2022

NOW Supports Making Cyberflashing an Offense

The National Organization for Women of New York urges lawmakers to support legislation that will make cyberflashing a violation offense under New York law and recognize this unwanted behavior as not only abusive but unlawful.