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Blog / April 24, 2020

Let's change hearts and minds.

As part of our Grab Trump by the Ballot campaign, we’re back to provide you with regular readings and inspirations to help you change hearts and minds. Take the pledge with us and check out what the NOW-NYC team has put together for you.

Press Releases / April 22, 2020

NOW Files Amicus Brief to Prevent Abortion Ban in Alabama

An historic coalition of women’s rights, civil rights, human rights, and reproductive justice groups filed an amicus brief yesterday in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals supporting the federal district court’s decision to prevent Alabama’s COVID-19 order from resulting in the denial of abortion access to the women of Alabama and the potential criminalization of abortion providers.

Blog / April 20, 2020

Our Top Reasons to Vote Trump Out

In the face of the COVID-19 crisis, Trump is spending more time defending his inaction than reassuring the American people and providing the scientific and medical-based information we need to protect ourselves and our families. If you have trouble keeping track of the facts - we've got you covered.

Press Releases / April 17, 2020

NOW Partners with Coronavirus Care Fund to Offer Relief for Domestic Workers

National Organization for Women is partnering with the National Domestic Workers Alliance’s (NDWA) Coronavirus Care Fund to rush emergency relief for domestic workers during this crisis.

Blog / March 26, 2020

Take action to protect & support women giving birth.

UPDATE: Governor signs order to allow support person during birth. Isolating women who are giving birth and banning their partners from experiencing the birth of their child is cruel and unnecessary. Yet this is exactly the policy that two large NYC hospital systems decided to implement in the face of COVID-19 and in opposition to clear guidance from the NYS Department of Health.