NOW-NYC statement on SCOTUS pick: We must fight for our lives

Press Releases / July 10, 2018

Manhattan, NY – July 10, 2018 – We cannot let Trump create a Supreme Court that acts as a signed permission slip for the discriminatory policies of his administration. Judge Brett Kavanaugh ruled against allowing a pregnant teen in immigration custody access to abortion. He put the religious beliefs of employers above women’s access to contraceptive coverage. He even argued that a sitting president shouldn’t be subjected to criminal prosecution or civil suits.

The stakes couldn’t be higher. The fundamental rights of women to have control over their bodies and the fate of their lives are at risk. Since day one of the Trump administration women across the country have been leading the resistance and the fight for our democracy, our children, our health, and our lives, and the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh has only magnified our fight.

We will not stand for a Supreme Court that will further restrict abortion and threaten Roe – the law of the land on which women have relied for the past four decades. We will not go back to a time when women died trying to access one of the safest medical procedures. We demand our pro-choice Senate leaders do whatever it takes to deny the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh and any anti-choice justice to the Supreme Court.


NOW New York advocates for the women and girls of New York, by defending reproductive rights, fighting economic inequality, and combating violence & discrimination against women.

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