Trump has not been acquitted by the people

Blog / February 10, 2020

Grab Trump by the Ballot: February Edition

Trump continues to lie and Republicans continue to defend him.

The Impeachment Trial is over, and as expected, 52 Senators voted to acquit the president, despite his demonstrated abuse of power: asking a foreign government to help his re-election.

While the trial was underway:

  • The Supreme Court upheld Trump’s “public charge” rule – which would deny green cards to immigrants who utilize public assistance such as food stamps or Medicaid, forcing immigrant families to choose between a path to citizenship and basic needs.
  • Trump expanded his “Muslim Ban” to six additional countries, including Nigeria – Africa’s most populous country and an economic force.
  • Trump signed the largest rollback of the Clean Water Act since its passage in 1972, removing federal protections for streams and roughly half the country’s wetlands.
  • Trump made the false claim during his State of the Union address that he would protect patients with pre-existing conditions, despite the fact that his administration has repeatedly tried to dismantle the Affordable Care Act and its protections. Get all the facts on #SOTU2020.

If you’re as outraged as we are, make sure you are signed up to take action with us. We are planning monthly Grab Trump by the Ballot events, voter registration drives, canvassing to defend and flip Congressional seats, and voter outreach to elect a new president in 2020.