Trump’s war on reproductive rights

Blog / January 2, 2019

Our reproductive rights are under attack. Since taking office, the Trump administration has continued to roll back protections for women’s reproductive rights and threaten our access to healthcare. Here are just five of the many ways Trump has undermined our rights:


Taking away our birth control.

Trump has been out to sabotage our access to birth control since day one. Now, his administration has finalized new rules attacking women’s health. The regulations—currently being challenged in court—would allow employers to deny birth control coverage for moral or religious reasons and change billing requirements under the Affordable Care Act.

Attacking our access to safe abortion.

Since taking office, Trump has appointed dozens of anti-abortion federal judges, including two Supreme Court nominees—for lifetime appointments. Still, lower courts do the majority of decision-making, allowing anti-choice policies to spread quietly across the country. Click here to learn more about how Trump is dangerously shifting the judiciary. Trump’s attacks on safe and legal abortion access don’t stop at the courts: He also backed a 20 week abortion ban that (narrowly) passed in the House in 2018. Fortunately, similar legislation was blocked in the Senate—for now.

Restricting women’s healthcare around the globe.

At the beginning of his presidency, Trump reinstated the Global Gag Rule, also known as the “Mexico City Policy,” which strips funding from medical providers around the world that perform abortions or even mention it as an option. The gag rule is so far-reaching that it cuts funding for organizations that support the decriminalization of abortion, even when U.S. funds aren’t tied to it. The gag rule has led to dire effects, closing clinics and stripping vital services from families around the world.

“The Trump-Pence administration has done more in two years to undermine access to reproductive health care than any administration in modern history has done in eight.”

– Emily Stewart,
Planned Parenthood’s Public Policy VP


Pushing an abstinence-only agenda.

Trump continues to shift funding away from evidence-based family planning in order to focus on policies that promote abstinence, which has been proven ineffective time and time again. Not to mention, Trump’s decision to shift support to faith-based groups that promote abstinence has been upheld in court.

Striking the repro record.

The Trump administration has directed the State Department to censor mentions of women’s reproductive rights in their annual report on human rights. In fact, the CDC was flat out banned from using the words “fetus,” “transgender,” and “science-based” in its budget documents. Censorship is just one of many steps in Trump’s plan to reverse our reproductive rights—this administration has shown a clear pattern for silencing issues they plan to undermine.

Make no mistake: Each one of these changes will have dire consequences for women nationwide and globally. Our birth control is at stake. Our access to safe and legal abortion is at stake.

It’s on us to stand up and speak out. Join the fight to protect our reproductive rights.