Victory For Survivors! No Money For Les Moonves

Press Releases / December 17, 2018

BREAKING 12/17/18: After months of pressure, CBS fired former CEO and sexual abuser Les Moonves for cause and will not be paying him a $120M severance. This is a huge victory for survivors! 

“After years of sexually harassing and abusing women at CBS, the company must do right by past, current and future employees. That starts with not rewarding Les Moonves with a fortune many lifetimes over,” said Sonia Ossorio, president of NOW NY. “We implore shareholders and board members to start setting the company’s course in a new direction.”

In September, CBS announced that Moonves would be removed as as the CEO of CBS, but remain on as an informal advisor. Earlier this month, the New York Times documented that investors believe that Moonves “engaged in multiple acts of serious non consensual sexual misconduct in and out of the workplace,” including lying during the course of the investigation and attempting to destroy evidence against him. Moonves has threatened to sue CBS’ Board of Directors in an effort to preserve his $120 million exit package.

We joined together this morning with UltraViolet outside of CBS’s annual shareholder meeting. We sent a clear message to the stakeholders and board of directors inside: don’t give former CBS CEO and sexual abuser Les Moonves any money. It is enough: the CBS’ Board of Directors must refuse to pay out a massive $120 million golden parachute severance to Les Moonves!

Watch the live stream of the event on Ultraviolet’s Facebook Page.