Another Powerful Man Not Prosecuted for Abuse

Press Releases / November 8, 2018

Statement from Sonia Ossorio, President, NOW-NYC in response to the news that Former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman will not face criminal charges:

“Mr. Scheiderman is yet another powerful man who hasn’t been held accountable in a court of law for his abuse of women. Mark my word we will be going to Albany to strengthen the laws to ensure that women are protected from physical abuse and these abusers will be held accountable.

Mr. Schneiderman used his office as a weapon to exert political and law enforcement power on his victims. These survivors have done a great public service in bravely taking him on. Eric Schneiderman has no power left to yield against women.

The Eric Schneiderman case must be seen as a victory. The women who came forward were heralded, not dismissed and he has no power left to yield against them or anyone. This victory will play forward in Albany when the new Democratic legislature makes sexual abuse crimes against women and children a top priority.”

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